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WITCO has invented and manufactured “super compact water-proof connector”, and many other unique and original connectors.

Our clientele covers a wide range of domestic and overseas companies.

Installation Examples

WITCO connectors apply to many different devices.

Digital camera

Our connectors operate as a remote shutter control device and other camera accessory cables such as strobes.

Handy thermometer

Digital handheld thermometers for portable and versatile temperature measurements.

Medical equipment

Adopted in electrocardiographs, portable electrocardiographs, endoscopes, dental X-rays and delivery monitoring equipment.

In-vehicle cameras

Cables function for safety-supporting devices such as TV cameras for rear-view monitors and large-scale LED screens.

Hearing aids

Ultra-compact connectors operate in areas where compactness and lightness are required, such as in-ear hearing aids and cochlear implants.

Measuring devices

Such as digital callipers, pulse meters, GPS measuring instruments, automatic tracking pulse stations, power monitoring refractometers and others.

Wireless equipment

Adopted in handy radios for motorbikes and marine radios

Surveillance TV camera (for outdoors)

Our connectors are also adopted where waterproofness and robustness are required, such as surveillance cameras for outdoor use.

LED large video display unit

Adopted in a LED large video display unit installed in spacious facilities.

What is a moulded connector?

WITCO designs and manufactures "moulded connectors", which combine cables and connectors.

Advantages of moulded connectors

1.Seldom causing disconnection

As primary moulding fixes the wiring section with resin, external pressure seldom causes disconnection.

2.Easy to miniaturising

Insulation between pins is optimised to make miniaturisation easy.

3.Flawless finish

The second moulding covers the whole with elastomer resin and gives a flawless finish.

4.Promoting operational efficiency

Assembly processes are simplified, contributing to improving operational efficiency.WITCO can undertake the processing of the other end of the cable.

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