Witco of Jupiter Dentsu Co., Ltd.

Privacy policy

This Privacy policy describes our policies and procedures to protect your personal information.

Compliance with laws and regulations

Our company complies with laws, national guidelines and other norms in the acquisition, use and all handling of personal information.

Use of personal data

The information will only be used within the scope of the specified and intended purpose and not for any other. Besides, the necessary measures are adopted to prevent inappropriate use.

Acquisition of personal data

When acquiring personal information, the purpose of its use will be made clear. And the extent of acquisition accords with the specified purposes.

Management system

An appointed management officer operating with the necessary organisational system is responsible for the appropriate information handling. A consultation contact will endeavour to ensure transparent management.

Security measures

We take strict security measures and appropriately manage them to prevent unauthorised access, loss, corruption, tampering, or leakage of personal information.

Response to complaints and consultations

In case of any consultation or complaint regarding the disclosure, correction or deletion of personal data, the personal data protection contact will promptly and appropriately deal with it.

Continuous improvement

This policy is thoroughly followed by our employees and relevant persons and implemented, maintained and continuously improved.

Provision of personal data to third parties

For the protection of personal information, we will neither disclose nor provide personal information to any third party unless with your consent or required by law.

Witco of Jupiter Dentsu Co., Ltd.
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