Witco of Jupiter Dentsu Co., Ltd.

Custom designed connectors

We will provide what you exactly need.

WITCO has produced a wide range of connectors that meet the needs of our customers.

We provide two types of custom connectors: semi-custom types based on standard products and fully custom-made types.

Contact us first using the inquiry form below. We make a proposal that will meet your purpose and budget.

Semi-Custom types

Based on standard products, we can manufacture connectors to suit your needs ex., changes in materials or keys, cable branching moulds, application of specified cables, or changes in external shape.

Reducing development costs is possible compared to customised products.

Custom types

We will propose products to meet whatever requirements, with our unparalleled technology and creativity.

Please use this form for inquiries and quotations for custom connectors.

Flow of delivery


Initial meeting

We will discuss your requirements in detail.


Submission of design proposal and quotation

Based on the content of the meeting, we will submit a design proposal and a quotation.



We manufacture prototypes to customer requirements, including 3D modelling and prototype moulds.



We carry out reliability tests to meet your requirements.


Mass production

Following the evaluation tests, production starts with the mass production mould.


Shipping inspection

We will carry out shipping inspections according to the customer's requirements.



You can count on us to provide you with after-sales service.
We use our advanced technical capabilities to respond to various requests and issues after the start of mass production.

Please use this form for inquiries and quotations for custom connectors.