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16-pole, 1A, screw lock connector with 14 mm (OD) plug and 13 mm (OD) receptacle. Relaying type also available. Waterproof rating IP67.

Waterproofness Locking method
Waterproof(IP67) Screw lock
Current capacity Number of poles
1A 16

Compatible cable diameter

φ4.8 / φ5.9

External dimensions may vary depending on the compatible cable diameter.

Coupling surface (female)

External dimensions(mm)

Cable specification

16-conductor, fully shielded cable
Core wireAWG28
Shield typehorizontal winding
Outer diameter(mm)φ6.0
Withstand voltageAC500V/1minute
Insulation resistance5MΩ・km
Conductor resistance228Ω/km
Red/White/Blue/Black/Green/Orange/Purple/Yellow/Gray/Brown (White/Black)/(White/Red)/(White/Yellow) (White/Blue)/(White/Purple)/(White/Green)

*We can modify our connectors to fit cables other than those listed above (supplied or newly manufactured).

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